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10 Mistakes Home Buyers Make

10 Mistakes Home Buyers Make”

By Naji A. Rashid


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  • Will this be your first home, and you plan on cross your fingers hoping everything goes smooth, but you have a gut feeling that YOU NEED TO KNOW SOMETHING?


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After 13 years of helping people like you acquire their dream home, I have put together a powerful money saving eBook “10 Mistakes Home Buyers Make” that will save you thousands of dollars and many, many, sleepless nights. This eBook will help you buy your first, second or even third home with less stress and plenty of confidence. You will be the envy of family and friends who purchased their homes without this powerful information. I have witnessed second and third time home buyers commit 5 of the mistakes I am going to teach you how to avoid. Fortunately, I was able to save them thousands and guess what they did with the money! WHATEVER THEY WANTED TO!


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 “Thank you Naji for sending me a copy of your eBook “10 Mistakes Home Buyers Make” before my wife and I purchased our home. Your eBook was a joy to read and filled with information and stories that saved us money. We would have committed 7 of the mistakes if we had not read your eBook. I will share this information with my friends.”

Tim & Miranda McKenney


  “Your eBook was fantastic! Thank you for sharing your wealth of information with me. I will tell everyone I know, before they buy their home “you must read this eBook.” I will be purchasing my second home this coming year and I would have made some of the same mistakes again that are listed in your ebook. I should be writing you a check!”

Sharon Miller


 “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Naji, your eBook has assured me that I will not get fooled or tricked again. I loss money the first time buying my first house because I did not have the information contained in your eBook. The next time around I will save money thanks to your eBook. I recommend Naji’s eBook to anyone thinking about buying a house. And if you don’t buy it, all I can say is “Shame On You.”

 Stephanie Jackson

 This eBook Will Keep Money In Your Pocket By Helping You To Avoid Costly Mistakes Most Home Buyers Make When They Purchase Their First, Second Or Even Third Home.


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